Your Baggage

I will forget you once you walk out the door one foot in front of the other careful not to trip over the baggage you left on my doorstep tattered and forgotten but too small to slip over my shoulders these shirts of memories piling up around me so I only see your smile fading quickly in the window of my rearview mirror and your name is scrawled on a napkin somewhere anywhere in the baggage of yours you left behind but I have adopted because the seams weren’t worn enough for me to throw out and the pattern waning along with your outline for I will forget you once you walk out the door and your availability isn’t accommodating to me but your pain and issues are so easy to wear for I can still use you as the reason this didn’t work this won’t work this really had no chance for I am forgetting you now and your baggage fits nicely in my closet and I will substitute myself into your story for you are not available for my personal adaptation as I will forget you once walk away but your story will remain upon my lips and reenacted in my thoughts every day and night

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