I saw a book in the bookstore and it was a bunch of lists.  In theory, these lists help to tell your history and define yourself in a fun and creative way.  So I decided to save twenty bucks, and just form another page… and in fun for the new year of my blog make some random lists that tell a little more about myself.

Here is a list of the topics I have done.  If you go to the Listography link on my main page, then you can read the lists.  Happy Reading.

Listography #1:  Top 5 favorite foods…  These are my comfort food…

Listography #2:  Top 10 Favorite Bad Movies

Listography #3-Top Five Places I Want to Travel To

Listography #4-Top Five Fears

Listography #5-Top Five Anime Series

Listography #6-Bands/Singers I Have Seen

Listography #7 Top Ten Favorite Songs of the 80s

Listography #8 Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

Listography #9-Top Five Words I Would Use to Describe Myself

Listography #10-Top Ten Favorite Small Details

Listography #11-Top 5 Myths or Mythical Characters that I am fascinated with

Listography #12-Top Ten Things I am Thankful For

Listography #13-Top 25 Things of 2013

Listography #14-Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Listography #15-Ten Things about My Appearance

Listography #16-Top Ten Things of Being in my 30s

Listography #17-Top Ten Favorite Books

Listography #18- Top Ten Things I am Looking Forward to in 2014

Listography #19-Top Ten Theme Songs

Listography #20-Top Ten Pet Peeves or Things I Can’t Stand

Listography #21-List of Other Lives I Would Live if I Had Nine Lives

Listography #22-Top Six Sins or Things that Lead to Trouble

Listography #23-Top Five Favorite Movie Quotes

Listography #24-Top Five Things about Having a Kid

Listography #25-Top Ten Songs I Would Strip To

Listography #26-Top Ten Board or Card Games

Listography #27-Top Ten Fictional Characters I Would Like Over for Dinner at the Same Time

Listography #28-Top Five Girl Crushes

Listography #29-List of Things People Think of First When They Think of Me

Listography #30-Top Ten Must-Bes, Must-Wants, and Must-Needs at my Funeral

Listography #31-Top Ten Favorite Lyrics from Love Songs

Listography #32-Top Ten Favorite Heartache/Break Up Lyrics

Listography #33-Top 16 Things I Would Tell Me at the Age of 16

Listography #34-Top Ten Realizations I Have Come to About Myself

Listography #35-Top Ten Items for a Memory Box

Listography #36-Describe (this) with a Song or Movie Title

Listography #37-Top Ten Favorite Horror Film Villains

Listography #38-My Top Five Most Common Nightmares

Listography #39-Five Best Quotes I Read Recently

Listography #40-Top Ten Things of Comfort

Listography #41-Me in A to Z

Listography #42-My Favorites A to Z

Listography #43-My Favorite Songs A to Z

Listography #44-Top 5 Great First Date Ideas for Me

Listography #45-Top 5 Scariest Moments of my Life

Listography #46-Top 10 Things I Would Have at my Fictional Wedding

Listography #47-Top Ten Most Liberating/Exhilarating Moments

Listography #48-Top Ten Favorite Girl Names

Listography #49-Top Ten Boys Names I Like

Listography #50-Top 5 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Lifetime

Listography #51-Top Ten Chores I Can’t Stand

Listography #52-Top Ten Things about Doing Listographies

Listography #53-Top 15 New Musicians/Bands I Discovered in the Last Year

Listography #54-Top 25 Women Icons of the 80s

Listography #55-Top 25 Movies I Would Play for Nerd Movie Night

Listography #56-Top 25 Movies I Would Play on a Horror MovieFest

Listography #57-Top 25 Chick Flicks/Girly Movies I Watch for a Little More Girl Time

Listography #58-Top 10 Songs of Summer of 2014 for Me

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