Spoiled Princess

Little pampered princess
In her world of gold and gems
For she is a god in her mind
And the world has been created
For her to play with
Dangling princes from fingertips
They dance and dance
To hear their name slip from her poisoned mouth
Cruelty, a smile she wears before dinner
As torture collects at the corner of her eyes
Pain is the train of her dress
Grabbing and snagging anyone that walks nearby
Twisting and twirling her words
She carefully hums a lullaby created in the cries of sorrow
For all her former lovers, all her former toys
For she collects them in her chest
Full of lies and torment
For she has learned the world was created
Just for her
Everyone is expendable
Even those she has claimed to love
She is a god in her mind
Crushing the world under her thumb