Reflections of Expectations

He had called her beautiful

Holding her close

So sweet was his smile

She lost herself in his touch


He whispered his love into her ear

Turning her around to see their reflection

She felt the warmth of his outline

Soon, she echoed his affections

With every shift of their bodies


He twisted and shifted one day

Until she was no longer

Within his reflection

He kept telling her compliments

While he bent over examining the gleam of his teeth

Confused, yet still madly in love

She continued to echo her emotions

As she ran her fingers along his back


He told her he wasn’t happy

Proceeded to tear apart her every curve

Mocked her smile and criticized her words

Pulling apart everything he once adored

Leaving her exposed and alone

Trembling as tears echoed

Her once warm affections


He stopped talking to her

Too busy examining every line of his face

Gaze following the line of his jaw

While brushed his hair behind his ears

He stood tall, posing and twisting

To see himself completely in the reflection

While she stood in the background

Every blur echoing her outline


One day, he started talking as if she was there

Explaining his expectations

Never leaving his reflection

Spoke on and on about his desires

Until when he stopped

The silence echoed all around him

When he turned, he found she had left



Reflections and expectations were the same thing

When focused only on what was in front of you

Everything else became blurred

And the once strong connection became frayed

Echoing only pain where love once stood

For in order to truly love someone

You must listen as well as be heard