Love Poem #51 (Repost for the Weekly Theme-Love Poems for the Exes 2)

Adrenaline and strobe lights

My body moving to the music

Thundering beats ricocheting off the walls

A body amongst a swarm

Our movement, our calling cards

Found his eyes across the room

Brief moment swaying bodies parted

And caught the reflecting lights in his eyes

A gaze was an open invitation

For an invasion of space, a changing of rhythm

Found myself dancing with a stranger

Attraction and alcohol mixed in with impulse

I allowed myself to disappear into the music

Hands upon my hips, he introduced himself with a kiss

Come morning, he would forget

I would remember his hands, swarming

A conversation created by swaying and gazing

Reduced to rhythm and outlines

Remembering, the language of my body

With the help of a stranger’s hands and kiss