These Men are Strangers

These men are strangers
Invading my body
Reaching under my skin
Rattling my rib cage
Clutching my heart and squeezing
For they love to hear me howl
And all I can do is say their names
One by one
Their shadows hover around my feet
Stretching, stretching out in front of me
To the door
The rattling of the door knob and dismissive goodbyes
Is all I remember
Watching their ghosts sit around the table
They swap lies they told to me
Like a new trading card game
Tearing me apart
Until they are swapping out my body
Trading my legs, arms, mouth
To consume a lustful vow
Smacking their lips, nails dig into my skin
Pulling me apart with every leer
Strangers, these men
I try to forget them
So they can no longer claim a piece of me
Disentangle their histories from my story
So I tear away each of their names
Leaving nothing except an outline of my passion
Howling out my grief
Replacing desire with repulsion
My tongue has been twisted cruel
Sharpen with subtle insults
These men are strangers
I will no longer allow to invade my body