My Door

Bring forth my dreams in burst of light and confetti clinging to my hair I am a little girl twirling around and around in an empty room giggling no one is home so very alone but with colored chalk I am able to draw myself a door

With thin lines and harsh grip the world shakes my hand until I feel like my arm is going to fall off millions of smiling mouths congratulating for something I have no clue the importance or the ambition bright blurry lights shambling around the room and my eyes are always on the door

Light creeps in tiny tiny fingers stretching across the floor I am lying in bed watch the light flickering flames then scurrying along the floor small spiders with brightly lit webs forming and stretching along the floor reaching through the bottom of my door

Everything is quiet and for once I can breathe my pace and today I really don’t have to argue to go outside for once I am not watching people and analyzing their every expression in correlation with my placement in the room and sigh even though there is no door

I will always know where the door is for in a minute everything will seize up and I am drowning on the air the crowd the dialogue the thoughts all clamor together and these doors my escape to that little girl twirling around and around laughing innocent to worry and fear

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