Butterfly Brides (Repost June 2015)

Cinch those waists

Now float

Perfection in your painted wings

Beauty as you wrangle

Every eye in the crowd

Flitter, flitter

Down the aisle

Collecting flower petals

With every step

For today

You are blushing

While everyone is gushing

Dreams linger upon

Your painted wings

Of a home and partner

Cooking dinner and baking cookies

Children and careers

Gathering fairy tales

With every bat of eyelashes

Now float

In your cinched waists and painted wings

Every step a dance

To a new life

Create with gentle kisses and soft whispers

Growing hope and demanding love

For today

You are changing

While everyone is cheering

When two become one

Cinch that waist

Now float

For they are all watching

And you were never one to disappoint

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