Single Mom

I am the sole provider

The sole guardian

I will be in charge of fighting the night

And welcoming the morning

In my child’s eyes

I learned early, I was standing alone

Grasping their hand

I will march forward in the day

I will be my own army

My own leader

Charge at the barricades

And build our castle

In my child’s eyes

I know now, I can stand alone

Standing strong with them

I will gather up their dreams

I will be me own creator

My own force of nature

I will rule the hurricanes and storms

And bring out the sun

In my child’s eyes

I am a single mother, standing alone

But, in the shadows of all the women before me

Each their own warrior, and queen

Beautiful forces of natures

That held their children’s hands

And showed them how to march forward

One step at a time

With head held high

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