Mother’s Morning

Morning carried in on little giggles

Tiny hands cold and pressed upon back

Cuddling close, until asking if they can watch cartoons

And what is for breakfast

Stumbling out, you trip over the morning

In the shape of misplaced toys

That have been pooled by the side of your bed

And you knew they had waited

Let you sleep for a moment until curiosity brought them knocking

And you found yourself with bony knees

I love you delivered in a series of slobbering kisses

And you want to growl, but that smile and bright eye look

Gets you every time, so you shuffle forward

With one eye open and the other in mutiny

Stubbing your toe at least five times

Before figuring out how to open the cabinet door

Mix a few things together in hopes it makes scrambled egg omelet concoction

Throw in some bacon, because everyone likes bacon

Throw it on a plate, and they are at the table before you can say breakfast

You watch them eat, smiling as you take a few bites of what’s left in the pan

Enjoying the thank you and love you in between bites

Realizing this is the moment you are going to remember

And they will secretly appreciate

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