Small black table

Surrounded by black rope

I sat there

Lost in a backdrop of gray

An empty glass

Lingered before my crossed hands


I closed my eyes

Lowered my head to the table

Raised my thumb

I waited

For that fateful tap

Wanted to play

I could hear the crowd

Laughing and growling around me

Slow breaths

I waited

I only wanted to be in the crowd

To play with all the other kids

Forehead pressed against the cold

Small black table

Minutes ticked away like years

Wanted to lift my head

Weighed down with thoughts

Of every hello and goodbye

First impressions and final glances

I waited

With thumb quivering along with my bottom lip

Knowing every minute

Came closer to being left


At the small black table

With empty glass

The sky was overcast

And expectations chilled me

The sky rains

For the lonely

The empty glass

Became full of tears

Eyes closed

I waited

Thumb quivering for that fateful touch

For someone to choose me to play

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