Love Poem #17

Oil and water

Was the best way to explain

Our relationship

But that is how I would

Describe any of your relationships

Not the most agreeable of people

With a stubborn streak

Which rivalled my own

Only a matter of time

Before we no longer could stand in the same room

Battle lines were drawn

With small jabs

I returned most everything to you

But kept a few things

For severance package

Drifted up north with a girl

That trusted you less than me

And she was right to do so

For there was a time or two

You reached out to reminiscence

About all the fun games we played

In the end, you tried to make yourself feel better

Gave me one more jab

To equate me to nothing more than a friend with fringe benefits

Funny, how you were willing to change everything

For a girl that was nothing more than a warm body

Because there was nothing friendly about you

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