Lamia (adult language)

Peel back this smile as I try to shed this skin

But my forked tongue always trips me

I was born to be your villain

And who am I to disappoint

Today is my day off so you will have to take a rain check

Hope you don’t mind this once

Plan to hang with the Muses down at the Pier

They are always inspiring for gossip

They seem to be the girls you go for

Frankly they don’t mind the hissing

Because it makes them look better

I mean who really needs enemies

When you can spend an afternoon surrounded by a group of soulless bitches

I think I saw #soullessfucks trending on the social network

You should really check it out

I was born to be your villain

And who am I to disappoint

Slithering and slinking along the shadows

It is only normal to equate me with nightmares

Stumbled upon the Graces on their daily jaunt

A clumsy group always tripping and swaying over their morals

Seem to be the type of girls you go for

Mindless always cooing you praises

But I hear their ribbon dancing is a thrill to watch

Sure to find them putting on a show later tonight

With a flashing marquee, kicking up their heels

With false smiles and hollow words

They don’t mind that I am a monster

Because it helps them perfect their damsel in distress act

I was born to be your villain

And who am I to disappoint

If making me the monster in the bed

The skeleton rattling in your closet

Another dirty little secret

Then go for it, I don’t mind

For these roles never bothered me

So if making me the villain allows you to sleep at night,

Then so be it, but remember this

I am the one that said goodbye first

And you were the one laying on your back, while I stood

On my own two feet

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