Curious Fingers

I stay a little longer in bed
so I can trace his outline
curious fingers, warmth
move closer, and I try to find
balance between waking and resting
Knowing I need to leave soon
but want to stay for one more moment
linger in his shadow, safety
in the small details
conversations seem to last for days
and we never quite able to say goodbye
maybe because its new
or we found each other relating, comparing
the cracks
I still get scared
set myself on fire, roar loudly and snap
expecting him to escape
for complications is the only thing I know
about my skin
I swear some days I have barb wire for skin
digging into him every time he tries to reach for me
fear always on the tip of my tongue
for have been defined as replaceable for so long
I never expected someone to want to stay
so I take one more moment, laying a little longer
tracing his outline with curious fingers