Don’t Tell Sleep that I am Seeing Exhaustion

Sleep is an old friend
robbing me of time
she hold my attention
and I forget everything
I had planned when she comes
pulling away all my goals
when she chatters on
about her dreams
until I feel I am dating Exhaustion
and not her
he is always in my bed
stretching out and pulling me close
and when I tell him
this isn’t right
he hold me closer and promises
sleep is chill with an open relationship
so when she keeps coming over
going on and on about their problems
I can almost tell her the reasons
because he whispers
each of them into my ear all night long
and he promises me
this partnership isn’t bad for me
even though guilt pulls at me
and I sag whenever Sleep comes over
knowing I won’t be able to tell her
that Exhaustion lives here now
and we have become more intimate, closer
than she had ever been with me