The Challenge-Year Six

Year Six

So I am on my sixth year, and this equals about how many years I had stopped writing prior to this blog. I am surprised how much this blog has become a part of my life and kept me on track for writing. Thank you to everyone that reads my posts and provides commentary. This year I will probably do more freestyle than weekly themes. I will still do theme weeks but I have come to feel weekly themes can actually be stifling and interrupt my writing flow lately. I still enjoy the visual poetry quotes, so those will continue. Last year I tried to monthly challenges, but that ended after a few months when I found it hard to keep up with, so it may be an occasional thing. This year it will be more a casual feel and getting back to the enjoyment of writing.

Year Five

My blog is now going into year five… Who would have guessed? This has been a great journey and I am looking forward to where it takes me. I keep thinking and attempting to publish my pieces in other journal or online venues and I still interested in pursuing this. I also pondered a small chapbook of poems, but this leaves a lot of questions and decisions and frankly I am lost in what poems I would try to include. This year I will be breaking away with themes with including freestyle months… and mainly this is for my own sanity because new topics can be challenging to come up with and during the summer my schedule gets more hectic and I would rather just sit and right than be tethered to a particular theme or idea. I will continue visual poetry quotes as they are gaining in popularity more and more. This year I will be adding 30 day challenges to the mix because I enjoyed the few I did last year. If you have any challenge ideas.. let me know. Keep on reading and keep on with the feedback. Ultimately, poetry is my therapy and lets me release my creativity and my emotions that may be pent up inside. Thank you and may this next year be filled with awesome experiences and poetry!

Year Four

So I have really dropped the ball on updating this page. I stopped doing the listographies and kept with the Visual Poetry Quotes. I wanted to work on getting some poems published, but life has kept me busy. Maybe, I can send a submission out since it is the beginning of 2016.

Year Three

I know a little late.. but it has been a year.  So to keep it simple, I am staying with weekly themes and still need to work on the publishing goal.  I started doing Visual Poetry Quote, which provides a visual aspect to verses of my poems.  Listography is still happening but maybe only once or twice a month.


Year Two

So the first year has come and gone.. and the project continues.  I have decided to make it more challenging and do weekly themes.  I will spend the month doing themes for three weeks and the fourth week will be freestyle/random subject, so I don’t burn out.  And to add to the challenge and get me motivated… Lets see if I can get five of my Year One poems published.

Weekly Theme #1…. Entanglement/Entangling


Year One

So here is the story.  I have been a long time writer until recently.  I have had some transitions in life (enter motherhood and relationship) that have caused me to be a little preoccupied, and resulted in me losing focus and to stop writing.  Now the muses in my head, they have still been yakking away and I still get bursts of inspiration but quickly forget them.  Well recently the transitions have taken a sharp turn (should have taken the left at Albuquerque and cue motherhood with gray hair, disastrous breakup, and shattered friendships), and I realized I really missed writing and right now I need it more than ever.  So this is what I plan to do… write a poem a day… no  matter how gimmicky, depressing, terrible it may be.. and maybe with a lot of thought and dedication.. I can get back to submitting and getting published again.

So here is to a new journey filled with words, themes and teen angst (because it never dies no matter how old you are)….  and away we go…


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