Love Meets Envy

Love, your hands

overflow in compliments, 

gestures and promises.

They are brimming

when the timer 

hits zero, and the clocks

chime midnight.

Envy echoes out each chime

and collects the discarded minutes

trying to build hours

from your timers, Love.

Love, Envy knows empty streets

and hollow pockets.

They can’t quite reach

any finish line to collect 

their trophy of kisses and admiration.

They get second best banners

at every competition, and are the settled on

spouse when you, Love, have chosen.

They stand in line with the same hands, Love,

but finds dust lined wrinkles,

and unfulfilled subscriptions for happy endings.

Envy knows how to steal gems

and give cubic zirconia promises.

They hunger for Love’s riches

and will burn their rags 

so their desire for more devours

the world around them.

Envy forgets you, Love.

Cruelty chills a heart

and they build ice sculptures 

in every heartbeat.

Love, Envy is a conman

that will try to be you

and mimic every one of your statistics.

Just so they can hit reset

and walk away with your life,

then leave you dangling off 

the syllables of their name.

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