One Less Prince

I find Sleeping Beauty 

third stool from the end of the bar

slumped over with her boombox serenades 

spilling from her mouth.  

She stumble and shifts 

into catchphrase heartbreak.  

Tells everyone her prince left 

after the second shot glass kiss 

and her love is a happy ending fiasco.  

Her heart stalls and constricts 

on every Instagram reel 

of his false knight smile and white stallion style .  

He had been a home upon her dream laced tongue.  

She tried to rinse and spit out ghost texts

and quick to voicemails with each vodka therapy session.  

His affectionate flickers remained lodged in her right coronary.  

Every twinkle memory built up plaque 

threatening to burst open her hope strength valves

and put her in another after lovedead coma.  

Sleeping beauty clutches at the edge of the bar 

eyeing the puddle squeezed out of her broken heart-

trying to see a reflection without his armor. 


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