Hex for a Broken Heart

You will need

the toenails from yesterday

regret dates and one too many chances.

The more yellowed and brittle

from bitter morning afters

the better.

Then find a handful of ashes

from today’s bonfire emotions

of scratched face photographs

and last season’s 

love letters.

The last item

is tomorrow’s glimmer of hope

in half smiles, small giggles

and single stem affection.

Gather all your items

in the middle of your bed.

Light a circle of candles

and prepare for a ritual of renewal

from scar tissue promises

and ghost vein fingertips.

Now, pour all the items

into a diary green bowl

and grind them down down down

with teeth and fists

until repent dribbles between cracked hands.

Collect these drops

like holy water return

back to normal

and drink them down.

Let them smolder

upon your tongue

so the hints of ex-lovers

are pulled down your throat.

Let them rest in the pit

of your stomach

while your heart jumps

and stomps.

Pain will be the indicator

you are flicker electric alive

and each ragged cry

will get louder and louder

into siren release.

Feel this elixir

rumble inside

with growl spark

and jagged nail twitch.

You will be pulled back together

and spit out plumes of smoke haze


Grip the covers for stable ground.

Keep looking forward.

Let every I love you be pulled 

from your lips

and enjoy the scream

of your exe’s acid stomach bath demise.

This is how you hex

for a broken heart.


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