Ode to a Kiss

The moment two mouths collide

and a snap bang erupts in nerve ending lip blossoms.

Energy blooms in shy fingers playing hide and seek

in sleeves and loose tendrils of hair.

Heart beat quakes the chest

and the blood races a beacon scream in veins.

Knees thunder until they spark and tremble

up the body into red warmth blush.

A kiss is a mad scientist of flicker electric eyes,  

soft petal smiles, and garage kit chemistry.

Mix together one evening in a neighborhood coffee shop,

few cups of conversations, then stir in the way a person laughs

and a kiss brews upon the brain.

It resurrects impulse craving and lips itch to come alive.

So wind up anticipation clock hands and search for a courage spotlight,

then lean forward into the demolition of two people.


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