How I Got into Poetry Writing Pt 2

So in college, I had taken creative writing courses for poetry writing. I did courses for my last two years in school. Also, I started to submitting my poems on a more regular basis. During this time, online journals and resources were still limited since the internet was new. I did work on an online blog for my own personal gratification and manage to get close friends and classmates to look at occasionally. I graduated from in college in 2000 and about a year later I was moving from Eastern Washington to the Seattle area.

I would like to say that I delve further into writing and progressed my art, but instead I fell into life and writing became something I attempted on and off for years. I became a mother, changed jobs, moved into my own place and found time for a few toxic boyfriends and terrible friends. In 2012, I started my Poetic Trials blog and have been writing ever since.

About two years ago, I started taking writing workshops from poets that I really admire and enjoyed their work like Andrea Gibson and Megan Falley. This became my next chapter of pushing my poetic boundaries and start submitting my work to publications. I now write poems exclusive to my blog then additional poems for publication online. Since 2021, I have gotten eleven poems published and officially paid for two of my pieces.


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