How I Got Started in Poetry Writing Pt 1.

So my blog is several years old, but I had started writing poetry many years prior to my blog. In the fifth grade, I had been introduced to poetry writing as part of the curriculum in my school. I excelled at it in comparison to other writing tasks, so I kept pursuing it. I participated in the Young Writer’s Conference in the sixth grade, and travelled with other classmates to share my work with other kids in Washington State. These experiences served as my jumping off point.

I wrote all through high school, and in college, I took it to the next step. I enrolled in creative writing courses focusing on poetry writing. I took classes from Alex Kuo, whom is a poet and writer in his own right. We would submit poems every week and he would choose ones to critique and study in class. Also, we had to put together a chapbook and submit to publications at the end of the class. My first year in his course I was one of the few that got a piece accepted and published in an independent small lit journal.

This is the first steps in my journey in poetry writing.

To be continued….


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