Exhaustion Spends the Night

Exhaustion takes up the bed-

grips the sheets

with sleepless fingers

and blank dream strength.

She holds my body tight to her chest

and asks me to hold her close.

Exhaustion writes me love poems

in aching shoulders, slurring words,

and thumping headaches.

She recites them to me

as I try to sleep, 

and I squirm under her steady stream of words.

Exhaustion reminds me of her loyalty,

and how she has been by my side

since my college years.

She pulls up selfies of all night

sketch fests and term paper deadlines.

Exhaustion whispers in my ear

that it isn’t time for me to go to sleep,

and she flicks a switch of memories.

She hold my attention in a whirlwind

of thoughts, memories, and ideas,

until she introduces me 

to an insomnia sleepover.

Exhaustions takes up me-

grips me close

with sleepless fingers

and blank dream strength.


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