Declutter (Repost Resolution)

I want to dump out the junk drawer

Remove all those bent up memories

Throw out the tidbits of promises

You see I want space

I want build a place for friends

You know those people that care

You know a true support system

I want a spot for them to hang out

And yes they understand

They may have to help me

With the clean up of emotional aftermath

From a three month, five year,

Three text too many relationship mishaps

You see I want them to have a place to crash too

When home isn’t quite right, and the day is howling at their door

I want them to know, there is a place

With me, so–

I need to remove the clutter

Get rid of the childhood dream bottle caps

The first date remnants and the bad work day residue

So I can make the space for those special few

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