Sharp Teeth Memories (Repost 2022)

To nestle in a hello

with sharp teeth memories,

scrapes against my heart

in such a slow grace

that I must remember


hiding in the scars.

Embedded in a cross knit lines

and your name

is the perfect cross-stitch pattern.

I pull at the threads

of your halfway goodbye

dangling like a limp tongue

between your two chapped lips.

I never knew love

to blister upon the touch

until I shook your hand

and you introduced me to hell

in monthly installments.

And now I see you,

in a constant reflection

as you wedge yourself

between our friends.

I understand a safety net now

and know mine isn’t here;

in this moment,

so I will need to discover

a place away from sharp teeth, crooked smiles,

and mislabeled emotions.


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