The Day Mental Health Became Important

The city drops the soda tax,
so we can indulge our thirst
without a copper aftertaste
or sadness hangovers.

I go out and purchase a sailboat
to float across the sky,
and make stops to capture
friends from hot balloon elevators.

Navigate through clouds
and feel myself framed in firework
sparklers, stars, and self worth.
I would share it with my son,

and tell him stories about self care
through movies projected off the moon.
We would all have bouquets of umbrellas-
tiny swirling around and around with colors

and open blossom to collect grief out of the air.
Pass them between each other
and our names become confetti
to explode into the air, and our affection

party favors ringing loud for all of us to hear.
I spend the evening with all my loved ones
as we travel over the horizon
and pluck black cats from the constellations

as we admire herds of unicorn
tucked in the clouds,
while we learn to love ourselves again.


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