A Recipe for Date Night with Poetry

1 notebook matted desk
2 poetry collections that have works featuring love, romance and death
1 bouquet of pencils to be the centerpiece
1 bottle of desperate longing gazes, flower pressed love songs and
the inevitable ghosting

You start by lying out all your wares to woo between the red lines,
then you sip down wishful thinking as the music of the ticking clock
recite out each broken heart lullaby

Stir around the pencils in anticipation until spill out upon the table,
and look for the patterns of trauma in the layers of No. 2.

Tear out your favorite poems from the collections and build
yourself a ouija board and pour out your bottled desperate loves songs
to resurrect tinsel images of your every fracture in your romantic heart.

This is when you find the ghosts that haunt your fingertips.
Gather up all your words and create of thesaurus of sighs,
gasps and cries.

Pool them together, then grab a pencil and tell it
this is poetry, and start scribbling out every last look over the shoulder,
left key by the door and unfinished apology text message.

I hear fear takes the second date to disappear,
and arrogance never shows up to the table-
so bring in your dictionary of pain.

Dial up poetry in a seance of wits, stumbling tongues
and every empty promise you stored in your text history.
This a date night for your broken heart, and call poetry-

they always show up.
The constant love interest next door armed with pencils,
paper and all the bad graffiti love stories needed for this concoction.


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