I return to dormitory, and I am a freshman
once more. Our movie nights had rows and rows
of legs dangling over the beds or cross legged
on the floor. We watched anime and shouted
out the subtitles at every battle. A pizza
is the centerpiece of the room, and three floors
of friends clutter in the room. I return
to the dormitory to find our ghosts charging
up the hill for another class, another test,
another lightning storm, and we gather
on top of the library with our hair crackling
with lightning. We are thunderstorms
in loud feet and laughter. We create grass angels
in the lawn, and flap our arms for the sun.
I return to dormitory, and I am all memories
with less gray hair, and a lot more naive.
I am confetti in the hallways, pep rallies
marching up the hills, and sneakers
dangling from trees. I return to dormitory
to find my youth haunting the brick buildings.


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