A room doused in too much glitter,

and not enough space-

the glitz sucked up the oxygen

and left the crowd gasping.

Herds of young girls laced up in chiffon

and brocade popularity cluttered the stage

and waited for the party city tiara.

Boys hid in the back corners

with fingers gripping flasks full

of calculations, back seats, and testosterone.

Prom is the one too many girl that stumbled in

and crashed the after party.

She littered every spot with confetti, nerves

and slurred speeches.

She asked for forgiveness with coarse lace apologies,

and fast tempo excuses.

Prom is the lipstick stained collar, smeared mascara

and sharpie scribbled phone numbers in the bathroom.

Prom, an event so full of sequined expectations

that the crowd tripped over the dance floor 

and the weight to grow up so fast-

almost too fast,

which left the night asking morning

to hold its hair while it spewed out poor choices.


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