The Elder Gods of Summer Meet a Heatwave

When the Elder Gods of Summer first met the sun,

it left a briny tinge upon their tongues, because everyone

went to the ocean and threw themselves into the water.

They sacrificed themselves to a new God they called Heatwave,

and the Elder Gods called for a war.

Desperation clamored their palms and they bellowed

until the air grew heavy in their rage, while the sun 

became larger and larger, and this new God, Heatwave-

plucked the elders’ rage and confusion from the sky.

It dressed their emotions into brighter rays and humidity

and the people scurried inside to hide 

behind magical fans and blackout curtains.

Elder Gods of Summer wanted their season of fun

and reckless abandon, but Heatwave gripped the sun

and shook it in the elder gods’ faces with ruthless amusement.

The Elder Gods of Summer wailed with grief until their tears 

gathered into large, roaring clouds and with snap crackle spark-

they struck down Heatwave with fists of rain and wind.

And the people with ease and contentment, they crowded the alters

at the beaches, the parks, the city pools, and nightclubs,

and the Elder Gods settled in their seasonal thrones 

of sunscreen, flip flops and limitless selfies.


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