Ode for Mothers

This is for a group of individuals that lives are run by alarms,

sock hunts, and lego casualty feet.

A class of morning make-up in car mirror, hairstyles in five minutes,

and backup blazer in the trunk squad.

They are a jugglers of tasks, and ring leaders of mult-tasking,

while keeping a smile.

They are train wrecks, messy souls, but know 

how to show up with one text or phone call.

Protectors of the small, rulers of their subtle abode,

and a superhero for every teddy bear.

These are mothers, and today is celebration for every sleep deprived,

frantic speed, always on the go, searching for the last parking space day.

May they keep going strong.  May they still keep it together.

May they still remain the beautiful forces of wonder that they are.

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