Living in Seattle,

there is tons of water

from fountains, bodies of water

and the never ending rain.

We collect it in our coffee cups

and swirl it around like creamer.

We wear it upon our skin

until it pools together into new fashion.

We hold it in open palms

and offer it forward as new age communication.

If water is the center of life,

then Seattlites are swimming in lifestyle.

Just saying, when the rest of the United States is on fire,

Washington State chills in its oversaturated moisture.

Just saying, at one point Captain Kirk and Nestle

wanted to drain Washington into to save its vanishing reserves.

I guess I am saying,

I am really a mermaid

on dry land.

I spend my days dancing in raindrops and puddles

and swim in the first morning light 

through the dark sea of the city skyline.

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