Slight Change of Plans

Amanda left her home

bright early in the morning

with the expectations

of completing a few errands:

Clean out her car,

head to the grocery store,

spend twenty minutes in the parking lot

then finally gather up her five item list.

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at her local diner,

plot a ten step plan to conquer the world,

settle for a five step plan to write a few poems,

but instead doodle smiles on napkins.

Arrive home and create a to-do list,

have most of the projects involve reorganizing something,

count filling the dishwasher the previous night as completed task,

and wind up with a list of year old art project ideas.

There was a slight change of plans.

Amanda never made it out of bed,

but spent her day curled up in depression

and binge watching laughing mouths on the television.

She hopes to pick up the next day,

but her storm cloud eyes,

and lightning cracked lips

don’t give much hope.

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