Do you daydream your life’s soundtrack?

Is it full of acoustic

folk melody guitar

love songs to ghosts?

Do you find it smooth

with R and B fingertip

slow dances?

Is it an indie pop star

fairy tale full of bubblegum chords

and cotton candy choruses?

Do you find it harsh

with thrash metal riffs

or slightly sad

in somber emo melodrama?

Is it back to your roots

of country twang and banjos

or electro trend

in synth club beats?

Personally, I think my soundtrack

is full of banshee wail love ballads

and guttural apologies.

A song list with heartbeat 

eruption symphonies

and flare gun silence.

Musical score that hums

and crackles with each experience

until every note is a memory

dancing within my ear.

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