Lyrical Love

The music fills the room

and the musicians stand in black and white unison.

Each one an instrument that uses the flurry of fingertips

or the precision of pursed lips to collect up melodies.

The communal sighs of the crowd and their tapping feet create themes 

for each song to nestle nicely into, and the musicians play

and deliberate each note as a dance between their fingertips and the audience.

It is about artistry in harmony or

lyrical love that rests upon each person’s ear

like a newfound lover 

and its dip and rise signify the movement of each fixated emotion.

With careful orchestration, the song ends and the cruelties 

of a goodbye settles with each note crashing to the ground, until another song starts and anew 

relief washes over the admirers in seconds and they begin to sway once more.

A never ending love as the tune swoons

with them in a way 

that every rhythm quakes within their hearts.

It is an occasion captured in waltz whispers and jitterbug smiles

and the crowd blossoms into a bouquet of open blooms

circling around and around to each ballad.

The onlookers are the instruments

to the whims of the musicians in black and white unison

and of a symphony of fingertips and lips.

The songs take the hands of audience and lead them around

and around the dance floor capturing a moment of lyrical love.

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