Ode to my Headphones

Snug is their touch

and I cup them close-

a doorway, they serve

to a sanctuary

where all my favorite musicians

happen to live.

Turn up the volume

and drown out 

the crash bang rhythm

of my upstairs neighbors

or loud guttural roar

of my sleeping partner.

I pull myself

into the musical wonderland

and waltz or samba

between the music shuffle

of emo, pop, metal

and instrumental melodies.

Home in their soft foam cups,

so cradle them close

and form a bond

that keeps them by my side

or at least on my bed,

waiting for my fingers

to weave between the cord

and cups.

My headphones soothe

the construction site of my mind, 

and show my muses

a dance floor to pound out their frenzy

and let my eyes weigh heavily

to welcome sleep in for the night.

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