Ode to Weekend in Bed

It nestles me close, an old lover

that I spend most of my nights.

A companion, you know how I enjoy

to rest on my side, and cuddle me close.

The week nags at my joints

until the complaints twitch, spasm in muscles

and my bed has a soothing touch

to unfold my tangled body.

And these weekends,

when I turn off my phone

and forget where the location of my front door 

are precious moments

between you and I-my bed

tucks me into its mattress

and stretches its blanket warmth to the chin.

We invite over our old friends:

good paperback, binge watch series

and a nice cup of tea.

Plan a day-over full of naps, smiles

and the relaxation of my body.

When guilt calls,

we send her to voicemail each time

so she can hang out with shame

and leave us to so much needed me time.

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