The Fun Has Begun

And when they tell you,

the fun has yet begun-

realize the words

have a home in sarcasm

and you will soon receive

a special invitation of callous

tongues and disapproving glares.

They hand to you in careless gesture

so you tip on the catch

and not the weight

of the passive advice.

You will tumble

over feet, hands, tongue

and happiness will shatter

into tiny slivers.

And it will be that moment,

you realize the fun

is the moment everyone else forgot

how to adapt, to change.

They swept up their dreams

to be tossed out with the leftovers.

This will be the moment, 

you can change your hands 

into dust pans to throw out your dreams,

or pick up the slivers

and fashion each dream into a new flower.

Pull them into a bouquet

and store them at your doorway

to show everyone

the fun had only begun.

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