Ghost of Your Lips

(Published November 2021)

All the rain puddles at my foot
before I realize you won’t be coming.
Could you have forgotten the time, or
did you decide to not show up?
Evening closes in around my sight,
foreshadowing the end of our love affair.
Ghost of your lips
haunts my mouth, light wisps;
I can’t help but trace where your ghost lingers.
Just for a moment, in hopes; to conjure you and
keep you at my side with our fingers folded together once more.
Lying to myself, because I know this would never be truth.
Mistress, the role I have chosen with you, and I made myself
novelty with no human connection.
One more cold breath before I go,
puddles saturating my shoes until my feet drown.
Quivering, my limbs and lips as they
remember the outline of your warmth.
Sadness is a close friend to infatuation and lust;
trio of emotions I grip in my hands like keys
Understanding, the end is now, and you are my
villain for a moment before I realize I had been an accomplice;
willing participant in this crime spree of hearts.
X stitch tattooed on my heart, so you will always have a place;
you will always be a ghost in my history, and I will be
zero upon your tongue.

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