Eight Year Anniversary

(Published May 2021)

Today is my eight year anniversary

When my body began to fall apart

When needles became temporary tenants of my veins

When I counted every shot they slammed into me

When I stopped counting after the thirtieth shot

When my leg turned into a wildfire

When that wildfire slowly crept up my leg

When they told me they may need to amputate

When I fell in and off conscious, and today still can’t recount everything

When my body attacked each IV and by day three they had to retreat

When with every retreat they had to invade a different part of me

When they finally went straight to the heart to conquer the fire

When I felt betrayed by my getaway driver

When I felt a prisoner of IV bars and antibiotic guards

When I was alone in a building overflowing with people

When my body began to fall apart

Eight years ago

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