Ode to One Hit Wonders

I have a lifetime
built on a soundtrack
of these single musical
catch beat traps
that haunt my ears.

They find a way
to howl inside my head
after I change the radio station
into silence, traffic, and grinding teeth.

They possess each commercial
during the prime time line up.
These songs consume
every smiling face until you chant
the lyrics in unison with bubbling youth
on the screen.

The beats catch you in a moment
and dog ear the thoughts,
the emotions, so when you
stray upon the familiar tone
in the grocery store;
you fall under its spell.

I have old burned CDs,
spotify playlists, Amazon music channels
dedicated to these musical hexes
and dancing spells.

I sway to each verse
and lose myself every night
to these one hit wonders
and the memories
tucked in each word.

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