Ode to Dinner Parties

A room with a connection
in friendships, or relationships
and they sit across a table

to create a web
of placemats
and pathways of forks.

We all talk in beginning chatter
and introduce ourselves
in jobs and interests

until groups break off
and rattle of subjects
in game show fashion.

I take a seat
on the softest couch
and absorb the scene

of dialogue
and hand gestures.
It brings me back to family

reunions with everyone
cluttering the living room
and the soundtrack

is laughter, and loud stories.
I think of my grandmother
and the holidays.

The one time we all made
a point to get together
and I remember

sitting next to her
and the flashbacks of my summers
at her home

all floods back.
I miss the smell of heavy floral perfume
and the bright lipstick she wore.

I miss catching the love in her gaze
and the time, I felt I belonged
and not an outsider at a dinner party.

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