Ode to a Late Night Sway

Put on headphones
turn off the light
then turn on the music
start is slow, melodic
so your body can learn
to sway once more
vibrate and move the air
around you, and you breathe
slowly so the music can soothe
then you up it a notch
add some beat
so it grabs the muscles
and you begin to ricochet
against your ghosts
and the sway gets aggressive
swallowing up your entire body
so when you move
everything around you quakes,
skitters and moves
across the surfaces
you keep the movement
until that one love song comes on
that one song that belong to someone
you let go or they let you go
and the emotions halt your body
to a trembling thunder in your chest
and you begin to sway slowly
to shake out the ghosts
then push the off your back
so come morning
you had expelled all the ache
with each deep breath

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