Ode to a Break Up

Inspired by the song Till I Fall Asleep by Jayme Dee

Morning is our last goodbye.

We woke up with stranger arms

and names slip from our lips

one last time.

Look at each other

as we fade into outlines, memories

we store away to bring out 

on those nights

when we swear the bed

still holds our weight.

A consolation gift

to a love letter we left unfinished.

Goodbye fills the space

between you and I

with a swarm of other people

from the past and the future

until pain, ache, fear and loss

are the nicknames we give them.

And this morning,

we woke up with stranger arms

and names linger upon the tip of our tongues

until we dress up each syllable of goodbye

with tears, shaking hands, and the last slam

Of the front door.

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