Dear Friend,

Inspired by Symphony by Clean Bandit featuring Zara Larsson

tuck me in your back pocket.

Press me between the pages of your favorite book.

Hear me in your soundtrack of your life.

Dear friend,

keep me close,

so I can be a part of your history.

Let our conversations 

be their own chapters.

Dear friend,

save me in daily doodles.

Collect me in poorly written postcards.

Remember me at every sunset.

Dear friend,

allow me to leave my shadow with you,

so you can always find me–

a simple look over your shoulder

and know I am there.

Dear friend,

listen for me in the silence.

Keep me in candid photos on your cell phone.

Hold me in your hand every day.

Dear friend,

I will share every part of me

in the creation of your legacy.

I break myself apart

to help you build that bridge to your dreams.

Dear friend,

tuck me, keep me, 

save me, allow me,

listen for me,

I will share every part of me.

Dear friend,

let me be a ghost

in your pictures,

A supporting character

in your growing story.

Dear friend.

Just let me be

in your life.

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