Inspired by the song “Hold me before I am gone forever” by Reina del Cid

The gentleness of a goodbye

Comes suddenly and without knowing

It is a sinking feeling that pulls your heart

Through your ribcage to your feet

It knocks the air out of every word

You speak, and when you think back

You only feel the thud of your heart

Slamming against the pavement

When I said goodbye to JD

I remember knowing in my bones

This would be the last time

I would see him

It was a sharp pang that trembled

Through my skeleton

Shot through me, a lightning bolt

Crashing over and over

With my heart beat

I stood there saying goodbye

For over three hours

Not wanting to leave

But took in every second

Memorizing his smile, tracing the outline

Of his face, and trading jabs

In place of future birthday and Christmas cards

Whispered every I love you

I knew I would miss giving him

In every undialed phone call

When I said goodbye to JD,

It was a gentle moment

When I left a part of my ghost

Hugging him tightly, whispering

I miss you in his ear

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