Ghosts, Grief and Goodbyes Villanelle

The sky stretches across my gaze with a deep ocean blue

and I feel myself swim across the clouds, and the bees

hovering near me become tiny yellow fish as they flew

from one flower to another, and I think of you

full of mischief and tease.

As you always try to pull me through

every day, because it is another adventure within our view.

On these quiet days, your name rests upon my lips before the grief seizes

my heart, and I whisper our memories as lullaby to subdue.

I hope to see you again one day, but I settle on the sunset’s hue

to replace your hand in mine, your shadow next to me, but please

don’t forget me, please don’t forget my name as I pursue

each day without you, and I create a new narrative and review

the beats of my heart as solo act, and the evening breeze

tells me it is time to go home as daylight withdrew.

I still hold your fire close to my soul like a tattoo.

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