Ode to a Hot Shower

When I wear the day as cuffs,

cinch tightly around wrists

and my body becomes a dashed outline.

You welcome me

with a warm embrace,

run down my skin

and my pulse kick starts

with the first drop.

You bring me back to life

into the moment.

The scalding touch

brings my name back to my tongue

in long sighs

and relief is the name of loose muscles.

Long breath hymns

as I stand in worship

to you- 

in your church 

of warmth and welcome.

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Hot Shower

  1. Beautiful and there is something to be grateful for a warm bath or shower. Many people spend their whole life and never have a shower or get into a tub. We are blessed with something that seems so simple but it is a gift. What a lovely thing to be thankful and grateful to enjoy. Lovely piece. ❤️❤️

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