blue birds in winter

Her eyes were frostbitten

as the tears streamed

down her cheeks.

Two blue birds

took flight from her chin

and my name stung upon her tongue.

A last season

as this love affair had its Winter

in the middle of Spring.

My lips froze together

as she pleaded for me

to stay one last time.

Each word sprouted feathers,

small blue birds fluttered from her mouth.

They swooped at my heart

and pecked at it for love beats.

Their tiny beaks only found ice

covered rib cage, and my tundra forged heart.

As each of her birds tried 

to pry me open, the subzero of my silence

captured them and they froze.

Each one fell to the ground to shatter

into tiny fragments of her tears.

I didn’t know how to say goodbye

any other way.

Each farewell populated wings

deep in my throat

and I found my mouth full of sparrows.

All of them wanted to scream

good riddance to her blue birds,

cold shoulders, and teenage drama love affair.

I kept my lips closed

and let each bye peck inside my throat

instead of find a home to roost

in her now vacant heart.

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