I want to tattoo

a spider

in the middle of my back.

Long spindly legs

peeking out from

the edge

of a tea cup.

Spill out my nightmares

upon my skin

so back spasms, twitches

and fear is right there

hot breath against my ear.

Adrenaline rush along my spine

as though the spider

runs up and down my back.

Legs clatter against my nerves

to cause my heart to dance

out its name, and this is

my fear personified.

It drinks tea

and reads Jane Austen

In the afternoon.

Each spindly leg

holds on

peels me apart

with each 

accelerated sigh.

5 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. These are my favorite lines:

    “It drinks tea

    and reads Jane Austen

    In the afternoon.”

    This is so beautifully entwined with haunting and swaying imagery. I love the idea of tattooing our fears on ourselves, either physically or metaphorically, to show we’re not going to let it hold us back. It can show us in some ways how to persevere. A very beautiful piece!

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