To be in a solid white room

We were all lined up in rows

And the light so blinding

I couldn’t help but squint

In the stark blankness

I felt as if I was in a field

And we were all

Reeds swaying back and forth

We would all sway

Back and forth in our rows

When I reached out 

To touch you

Your skin pricked at fingertips

Coarse and fragile

You almost fell apart

In my hands

Like dried out reeds

I would knock into 

As a child

Running across fields

Always searching for grasshoppers

Jumping through the reeds

Chasing after each of them

And maybe that was you

The grasshopper

In this solid white room

Blinding is your brightness at times

But I kept finding myself


Back and forth

As you hummed

Letting my thoughts run off

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