Sitting next to me, a ghost

Playing with your phone

I watch as you are scrolling

Through Tinder once again

And I know, I should let you go

In that moment, alone my heart

Whispers how lonely I feel

That I grasp my hands together

To feel some support

I scroll through all your fake promises

Flipping through my brain

Every memory of I love you

You were whispering

In someone else’s DMs

While telling me everything

I wanted to hear

To keep me sitting here, alone

A partner to your ghost

As it stitches your name 

Deeper into my heart

Plunging the needle deeper and deeper

Until it grinds against bone

To remind me of this cage I built myself

In this one-way love affair

Every compliment followed with a goodbye

And you take me for granted 

Whenever you meet up with her

Making my heart the fool once again

To keep me wanting you here, alone

A hostage to your ghost

As it rips apart my seams 

Until my heart screams out your name

I wonder if I spoke ghost

You would hear me 

Over the clattering of keys

And grumbling of your greed

I take for granted your warmth

Tucked into fake promises

You dress everything up 

In a few pleasing words

To keep my heart vying, alone

A fool to your ghost

Leaving me to piece myself back together 

Slowly sewing each scar with care

I can’t help but wish

I had tattooed your name upon my feet

Then maybe

I could walk away

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