The rain has taken over

Drowned out the horizon

I find only sea serpents

Swimming in my gaze

The tentacles of your image grabs me

And throws me back

Into coffee dates with you

Steam swirling around fingertips

Quiet corners, watching

Conversations filled 

With sailing trips of mermaids, octopi

Sea shanties tucked in your laughter

And your words

Catch me in this moment

Pin pricks upon my eyes

These tears are my only truth

Your lies pooling at my feet

Into tiny lakes

You never really could say

I love you, but you knew

How to send me swimming

In sediment sentences

Weighing upon my legs

And you told me 

I wasn’t worth the ocean, but only

Puddles, I am dancing

Collecting the rain

Falling away from the city

I find solace in the clouds

Watching serpents of you fade away

While holding a bouquet of pens

I find myself scribbling out our tangled history

Sometimes, I tear up the storyline

Piece it back together

Into a collage of words

Creating a heroic plot

Where I never met you

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