I will not repent

My daily sins

To an antiquated verse

Or bind myself

To a definition 

I do not acknowledge

To be a sinner, as you say

To be the villain

Before I have my own story

To wear guilt and shame

As constant wardrobe

I don’t buy it

Give me my flaws, faults

And misdeeds

Tattoo them to my skin

I will build an epic origin tale

Layers upon my body

Until my soul bleeds

And the words from my mouth

Will be sonnets for misfits

Gathering into bonfires

My smirk, dancing sparks

And trouble, a forte

To be sinner, as you say

And plaster your prayers

As hollow blessings

To cure me

To iron out my wrinkles

Tuck me safely into a social norm

I don’t buy it

Fray the edges

Pull myself off the frame

Not all butterflies will be pinned

Pluck the pins of expectations

Use those antiquated words

To set fire

To every criticism you used

To create this prison

Repent, you say

For being myself

And I will tell you


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